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At Hartog & Bikker, we too have become increasingly aware in recent years of the need to operate in more sustainable ways. Wherever possible, we introduce new initiatives into existing processes, and with new projects, sustainability is taken into consideration from the start. Working with our clients, we implement sustainable options, such as mounting solar panels on warehouses.

In conjunction with our suppliers, we closely follow technical developments in the area of sustainable use of materials and buildings. In the past, H&B has already invested in sustainable solutions, for example the collection of rainwater for use in our vehicle washes, and the replacement of existing lighting by LED lighting.

Hartog & Bikker was one of the first companies to start using the Eco-Combi. These vehicles are characterized by their extra loading length, and therefore can carry 40% more volume per trip. By increasing the usage of the Eco-Combi, the number of trips can be reduced.

We also use vehicles with a loading height of three meters. This means we can transport more volume per vehicle, and thus drastically reduce CO2 emissions. We continuously train our drivers to operate both safely and economically. We do this by using training programmes designed specifically for their vehicles.

Our companies are actively involved in projects relating to, for example, alternative fuels and other innovative sustainability initiatives, often working together with our clients and suppliers.