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Hartog & Bikker 

The history of Den Hartog & Bikker B.V. stretches back to the year 1931. The company was founded by Mr. Den Hartog and Mr. Bikker in Leerdam. Besides running a farm, Den Hartog and Bikker delivered straw to the glassworks in Leerdam, for packing glass products.

They transported raw materials and glass products by horse and cart to and from boats, trains and customers. The farm “De Beerendrecht” continued to be the home base for Den Hartog & Bikker until late 2003.

After World War II, the company continued to grow in various ways, including taking over the in-house transport activities of the glassworks in Leerdam. Subsequently, glass transports from Maastricht, Schiedam and Dongen were added to the services provided. Due partly to the acquisition of packaging transport activities for clients needing cardboard, plastic crates, pallets, cans and plastic bottles, Den Hartog & Bikker has grown to become one of the larger high-volume carriers.

In recent years, increasing attention has been paid to sustainability (LHVs), the implementation of in-house developed IT solutions, and innovative transport solutions such as Direct Line Feed (DLF).
Today, our Head Office is in Vuren. From these premises located centrally in The Netherlands alongside the A15, we can provide high-quality services.