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Total solutions

Total solutions

The provision of total solutions covering the entire Supply Chain also forms part of the Hartog & Bikker offering. Imagine, for example, direct extraction of pallets from the production process to a storage location and on to the end customer. Other intermediate push-pull points are of course also possible. 

At each step in the process, we look critically at how we can improve efficiency. We also look for possible automation solutions, in order to reduce costs. This could mean, for example, fully automatic loading and unloading systems. These make the use of forklifts unnecessary.

Inventory Management within the Supply Chain is also part of our offering. For a number of clients, we operate a Direct Line Feed (DLF) process, whereby we collect packaging materials (cardboard, glass, cans) directly from the supplier’s production plant. Then we deliver them JIT to our client’s production location, so that the production lines can operate optimally, 24/7. We can do this from nearby warehouses, or from locations as far as – for example – 100 km away. Coordination, planning and clear communication of information are key to these DLF processes.

Finally, we also offer in-house logistic services, to relieve our clients of the burden of the entire logistical process. The moment a pallet emerges from production, it becomes our responsibility. From then on, we manage the complete physical and administrative logistics process, right up to delivery to the end customer, if desired.

If you would like more information about our Total Supply Chain Solutions, we would be pleased to provide this in a personal discussion. A non-binding Quick Scan of your logistics operations is of course also an option. In a Quick Scan, we make a high-level analysis of your logistics processes and identify the bottlenecks. This helps clarify which processes may need attention or optimisation, in order to improve your logistic performance. Feel free to contact us!