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Co packing VAL/VAS

Co-packing VAL/VAS

Co-packing is a type of service which has shown strong growth, due to market developments in the food sector. In particular, the introduction of additional product variations, in smaller quantities or batch sizes, has created the need for (temporary) co-packing solutions.

For many international companies, co-packing is an essential link in the Supply Chain. Often, companies’ internal focus on optimisation of production processes and improved efficiency can be at odds with market demands for flexibility and diversity. And that’s where co-packing can add value.

Production for temporary promotional campaigns can be decoupled from mainstream production processes, so that standard production quantities are not reduced due to the extra or amended processes.

Services which we can provide include assembling displays, shrink-wrapping and sealing, packing and repacking, sorting, Quality Control, rework, coding and labelling.

Flexibility in dealing with both large and small quantities. Our extensive knowledge and experience, meaning we can offer co-packing services at market-conform rates.

Short lead time from client request to commencement of service and, if relevant, delivery of finished product.

Complete responsibility for the packaging process, so you can maintain focus on your core activities.

Activities such as call-offs and management of packaging materials taken off your hands.

Reliable, high-quality work, thanks to our extensive facilities and in-house warehousing and transport services.

Willingness to invest in packaging solutions and/or machinery for (partial) automation of packaging.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience. That’s how we arrive at the best packaging solutions and the optimal Supply Chain solution.